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The Produce and the Conspiracy Theorist

It’s no secret that our food system has gotten so out of hand that many say it is in crisis. As consumers we have become entirely too complacent regarding nutrient density, quality, and the source of our food. Many people don’t check ingredient labels for processed ingredients; many simply don’t even think of it, or worse don’t care! This nutritional dogma of‘… tastes okay, it makes me not hungry if I eat it, so I will’ is built on a foundation of lies and misinformation steadily coming from the food industry to you and I. Through the miracle of rampant capitalism blended with laziness demand for convenience, the consumer has relinquished all concern about her food to a very small group of companies/people who do not care less if she consumes trash or treasure; So long as she keeps lining thier wallets by going to the grocery store.

Let’s discuss ways to fix this problem!