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The Produce and the Conspiracy Theorist

It’s no secret that our food system has gotten so out of hand that many say it is in crisis. As consumers we have become entirely too complacent regarding nutrient density, quality, and the source of our food. Many people don’t check ingredient labels for processed ingredients; many simply don’t even think of it, or worse don’t care! This nutritional dogma of‘… tastes okay, it makes me not hungry if I eat it, so I will’ is built on a foundation of lies and misinformation steadily coming from the food industry to you and I. Through the miracle of rampant capitalism blended with laziness demand for convenience, the consumer has relinquished all concern about her food to a very small group of companies/people who do not care less if she consumes trash or treasure; So long as she keeps lining thier wallets by going to the grocery store.

Let’s discuss ways to fix this problem!

Who is really to blame for the Deepwater Horizon Disaster?

So we’re five weeks into this disaster, and things are still looking grim for the Gulf. A large portion of our food supply has been tainted, and the economic repercussions on the Gulf States are downright disastrous. We’ll never know how many organisms in the Gulf met their maker as a result of this, and it will be at least a decade before the waters recover. This post has nothing to do with food. It’s more about my general disgust at the American Public for pointing their bony fingers and shouting “FAULT!”  at every corporate or government scapegoat they can focus on through their rage. Don’t get me wrong: I’m mad that Deepwater Horizon sank. I’m outraged that there was nothing that could be done to stop the massive oil spill. That’s right I said nothing could be done, and I mean that. And every human being on this planet bears the blame for this disaster. Every single one of us.

Deep Water drilling for oil is a practice that is still in its infancy.  Not all that long ago it was a theory that could only be developed on computer models and small-scale simulations, of which I’m sure there were many and that they were very thorough. I have no idea how much money an oil rig costs to develop, manufacture and deploy. Astronomical I’m sure. The very idea of doing anything at more than 1000 feet under water is completely insane if you ask me. For a while it looked like the majority of people shared similar beliefs about deep water drilling. The demand for oil was not great enough to risk the lives, the money, and the threat to Nature that are inherent to the practice of drilling for oil on the sea bed. Then something happened, everything changed and suddenly the astronomical expense, and danger was worth it.  Starving for cheap oil, people hastily started drilling for oil in an environment that we know less about than the Moon.

Do this: Go to your cupboards and pantries. Open your refrigerator. Look around the room you’re sitting in. Look at the housing on your monitor, and the keys on your keyboard. How much plastic do you see? Look out the window at your driveway. How many gallons of gasoline, quarts of oil and plastic parts do you see? Have you ever had a paraffin manicure or pedicure? (If not get one!! They are amazing!) Something called Petroleum coke is used in the manufacture of electronics.  Freshly re-paved asphalt highways sure are nice aren’t they? Go outside and look at your roof. See any tar?

Now go look in a mirror. Squint through your anger. Point your finger at yourself.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster and British Petroleum would not exist if it weren’t for the fact that I need plastic to wrap my food in, and I need gasoline to operate what has become my exclusive means of conveyance. So people please, for your own well-being consider your own individual part in this disaster. You and I are responsible for the lives of those eleven people who died. Every drop of oil that has spewed from that well is my fault just as much as it is yours. I have essentially bankrupted countless fishermen. Want to know a way to obliterate the Gulf-State Tourism Industry? Ask me. I killed thousands of sea creatures, and destroyed untold miles of coastline habitats.

Stop blaming the oil companies. Stop blaming the White House (only for this though, there’s plenty more blame to slather on to our current administration). Stop blaming God. Blame Me, blame your kids, blame your parents, blame your neighbors, blame yourself. When we’re over it, we have a long row to hoe ahead. We’ve heard the phrase “…reduce our dependence on oil…” so many times. Now all of us, my fellow humans have pages and pages of quantifiable reasons to quit saying it and actually start doing it.

Guest Post via Jennifer Junot “Paper Or Plastic”

Jennifer Junot is a twenty-two year old esthetician licensed in three states. Dark circles under the eyes are a particularly common skin care concern. Like many people I have the luxury of hiding mine behind a pair of glasses (that’s right, *luxury* of wearing glasses) but not everyone has this advantage. In this post, Jennifer explains where the circles come from, and offers a few simple solutions to reduce or eliminate them. Jennifer points out that one of the possible causes of puffy, dark circles under the eyes is a Vitamin K deficiency. It’s true that a great deal of cosmetic problems and skin concerns can be related to diet. Lack of sufficient anti-oxidants in any diet can lead to complications that are much more than skin deep.

Paper Or Plastic.
-Jennifer Junot

I had a friend ask me about dark circles and “bags” under the eyes the other day and ever since then I have been on a research frenzy to answer her in the best way possible! I have worked with many people that try to understand the meaning of why we get bags under our eyes and I always get an unclear answer. Unfortunately, what I have come up with isn’t much different. There is not a specific procedure anyone of us can do to completely rid our faces of ugly dark circles and bags, however, there are some things you can do to reduce the signs!

For some of us it might just be heredity. The skin around our eyes is the most delicate and thinnest skin in the body. Dark circles under the eyes are blood vessels that can be seen through the skin, producing the bluish tint. The collagen in your skin breaks down with age and your skin becomes more translucent, so as you get older it might be more noticeable.

Another cause could be from lack of sleep. That’s why everyone associates dark circles and bags with looking tired. So be sure you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night! And if your super talented, sleeping with cucumber slices over your eyes might help reduce the puffiness! (P.S. Those really only work when they are cold.) You can often find hot/cold eye compresses at any beauty store. They are decently priced and are reusable (unlike cucumbers). When chilled it can prevent swelling.

— Try one of these Ingredients–

VITAMIN K! — Dark circles and puffiness are often thought to be due to vitamin K deficiency or a lack of antioxidants in the diet. Antioxidants help heal cell damage and repair damaged skin. Vitamin K helps with blood coagulation and circulation. Since both damaged skin and poor circulation can increase the appearance of dark circles, eating foods like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, spinach and strawberries can lighten the circles under your eyes.

GINKGO EXTRACT– An extract of Ginkgo Biloba. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, this ingredient will help reduce puffiness!!