Reckless: (Courtesy Merriam Webster, 2010)
Pronunciation: \ˈre-kləs\
Marked by lack of proper caution : careless of consequences

What is the Reckless Culinarian:

For starters, throw everything you know about how to prepare food out the window and start over from scratch. I was drawn to food without any formal training.  From a gastronomic perspective, I was a clean slate the first time I picked up a chef’s knife. Being reckless with your food means creating your own technique; making it up as you go along. The truth is you don’t need a book, a teacher, or a recipe.
Good food comes from the Symphony of Heart and Mind. It’s your heart, it’s your mind, it’s your food. No one can teach you how to read your Symphony but you. After accepting this I realized that I had a lot of soul searching to do. I had to learn so much about myself before I could actually start producing food. What did I want food to be? What did I want to accomplish with food? How should it taste? What flavors produce what emotions? Don’t forget the biggest question of all: WHY?

Create your own cuisine. Forget the rules. Don’t cry when you fail. Never stop cooking.

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