Gluten Free Forty Days: Day One

A friend of mine is giving up gluten for Lent. My younger brother was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue when he was 18 months old, more than twenty years ago. Anyone who’s ever lived with someone restricted to a gluten free diet knows how hard it can be to find interesting and varied meal choices, and how frustrating this can be. It does take some extra work, a lot of patience and a lot of label reading, but I promise it can be done. It can even be done on a strict budget, my mother proved this.

Over the next forty days I will be posting at least one gluten free meal a day. Theme here on The Reckless Culinarian has been Vegetarian since mid-September. Not all of the recipes in the Gluten Free 40 will be vegetarian, in fact a great many of them will not be.

Day one of the GF40 is kicked off with a hearty casserole dinner by G.F. Veg at Wheatless and Meatless.  Pair this with your favorite veggies, or a side salad and you have a healthy, filling meal. If I weren’t a vegetarian I would most likely add some fresh, grass-fed ground beef to the casserole. Since I am, I would load this sucker down with portobello and shitake mushrooms. Either way, I’ve tried a great many recipes from Wheatless and Meatless and I can personally attest that it always tastes great!

Day One:


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  1. Wow – I had to go gf for my allergy elimination diet. While on it, my husband discovered that he was the one with the gluten issue – go figure!

    I can’t wait to see what recipes you post.

    • Cellina,
      It is amazing how many people go on living with the pain and inconvenience of gluten sensitivity, or even outright intolerance. The symptoms can manifest in so many ways it’s no surprise that “gluten issues” are among the most commonly misdiagnosed digestive problems world-wide. Did your husband realize any relief from things like body aches or skin irritation after he cut out gluten? How did you feel after you went gluten/allergen free?

      Thanks for reading!

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