Down With Social Media

Okay, okay, I know. Blogging is technically a form of social media. But lets face it: my use of my blog pales in comparison to the way I use Facebook and Twitter. I spend so much time checking, posting, checking, analyzing… it’s just not worth it anymore. So, last night around ten thirty I (ceremoniously) closed the Facebook tab in my browser and pared my Hootsuite columns down to only deliver breaking news from reliable sources on Twitter. I turned both services off on my phone. I closed Trillian, so I will no longer get desktop notifications from Facebook, Twitter, or any instant messages.

I’m not Catholic. Nor am I at all religious, but I’m giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I’m sure it wont last forty days, in fact I’d bet money it won’t last a week. Still, it’s worth a try. I hope expect I’ll find much more to do on the internet instead of obsessing over my own vanity, who’s replying to my tweets and wall posts, and who’s clicking my links. My digital persona has become too overwhelming for me to handle any more. “Digital Michael” has begun to overtake the real me.  By abandoning what amounts to about seventy percent of online life I’ll be able to re-focus what “Digital Michael” does on something that complements the real me, instead of the other way around.

What are you giving up for Lent?


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  1. At least once a day it occurs to me how much time I waste on social media. I think about shutting it down and just being done with it all. But I cant bring myself to do it. It does help fill the void of loneliness living in a newer place and helps me to feel not forgotten by all of my beloveds I left behind, but still…so counter-productive. Bravo to you. I support you fully. And I will definitely be stopping by more often to keep in touch. <3xoxo<3

    • Jenn,
      It definitely does make it much easier to keep in touch. I have felt totally out of the loop and disconnected the last two days. But with that disconnect comes a sense of freedom. First thing I noticed was that I wasn’t always so concerned with where my phone is and how much battery it had left!
      Thanks for reading!!

  2. Twitter misses you! Lisa Graas said if she has a bipolar episode without you there then it’s all your fault! So, COME BACK TO TWITTER!!!!

    • oh my goodness… I have not forsaken twitter… I’m just taking a break. Trust me, it’s hard enough without the peer pressure!!! I feel like I have no idea what is going on in the world!!! But I will persist. I made a commitment, and I have to stick to it as long as I can. Did you notice that I’ve managed to crank out a blog every day since then? Maybe it’s good for me… 🙂

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