Friday Favorites: Comfort Food

Good Morning and Happy Friday to all!!

This week’s Friday Favorites focus on comfort food that warms you inside and out, and highlights two bloggers that I would probably follow to the end of the Earth.
Nothing helps pass these cold winter months like comfort food. It’s been exceptionally cold here in North Carolina, supposedly the worst winter since 1994. Personally I don’t think it’s all that cold but, I was only nine years old in ’94, so I don’t really remember that winter. Maybe I don’t feel the cold because I’m hot blooded, or just don’t care. Most likely, it’s because nourishing comfort food dishes like these have been a staple in my home since late autumn.
Every morning I skim through fifteen to twenty blogs about food, home-making, conservation technology and special diets, etc. Liz and Ren are at the top of that list every morning, and I don’t skim their posts, I pour over them. Their overwhelming knowledge on most things food or home related is really most admirable. I recommend everyone follow/subscribe to their feeds.
Liz at Hoosier Homemade explains how the mountain of tasks we all wake up to on a daily basis can be conquered quite easily. By focusing my efforts on the completion of three tasks in a set time limit, I have enjoyed two wildly productive days. This week also kicks off the Real Food Face-Off hosted by Kitchen Stewardship. First in the lineup is Ren from Edible Aria, a veritable treasure trove of information on real, wholesome food.

These are my favorites from this week, I hope you enjoy!

Northern Beans and Cornbread

Cream Of Tomato Soup

Quick Mushroom Stock
From My

Gluten-Free Cranshew Bars, Bits and Bites
From Wheatless and

Real Food Face-Off: The Edible Aria VS Musings of a House Wife
From Kitchen Stewardship

The Power of Three
From Hoosier


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