Kitchen Essentials: Bean Paste

    This handy recipe can take many forms, and be altered in many ways. After playing with the amounts and ratios for weeks, I have settled on the following recipe for the perfect bean paste to make veggie burgers. The uses don’t stop there though; use it as a spread on a sandwich (such as The Veggie Royale Sandwich) for added depth of flavor and extra protein, up the amount of flour and you have something that closely resembles falafel. The idea behind the whole Kitchen Essentials series is to work from the basic recipe and modify it to suit the rest of the meal. You’ll note that I didn’t specify which savory vegetables, seasonings or spices to use. It all depends on how you plan to use the bean paste. On sandwiches, I use more vegetables and less flour, to make it more like a spread. For a veggie-burger, I would up the savory spices and herbs and keep the veggies to a minimum to keep it dry enough to bake up crisp, and with texture much like a real burger. Get reckless with these basic recipes, and make them your own. I would love to hear what additions and changes you make to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, if anyone can come up with a name that still explains what this is, but sounds a bit more appetizing, I’d love to hear from you! Enjoy!

(About three servings)

  • 16 oz cooked beans (Black, Kidney, Garbanzo etc. Any firm bean will do.)
  • 1/4 C. Sautéed savory vegetables
  • 1/2 C. Fresh mushroom, very finely minced to combine with dried ground herbs/spices and salt.
  • All purpose flour.

  • Mash the beans together with the sautéed savory veggies, working the mixture until smooth and fully combined into a wet paste.
  • Combine bean paste with mushrooms.
  • Add flour by the tablespoon and blend thoroughly for texture. Repeat until desired texture is achieved.

It’s important to pay attention to the amount of moisture in the paste. If you’re going for burgers or anything like falafel, the less moisture in the paste the better off your burgers will be. For a spread you want enough moisture to make it easily spreadable, but not so much that it makes whatever you’re spreading it on a soggy mess. The amount and kind of vegetables used is directly related to how much moisture you will end up with in the paste, so choose wisely.


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