Culinary Resolutions

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve always figured that I’ll change what I can when I have the time and patience. However, since starting my job at the Spa in October, it feels like I have less and less time and desire to contribute to my own culinary adventures. I take that back: I have the time, I just have less desire. My job description literally is “one man restaurant.” That is, I greet and seat you (host/Maitre’D), I take your order (waiter), I cook your food (chef), and then I wash your dishes (dish-pit) so the idea of coming home and slaving over more hot equipment and doing more dishes isn’t that appealing to me.

I’m not exactly comfortable with the notion of saying goodbye to my personal culinary fun, so I’ve decided to for the first time in longer than I can recall make New Years resolutions. I’ve laid out several things that I would like to do in and out of my kitchen that I pledge to carry out in the following year, in order to keep the recklessness in the Reckless Culinarian: 

  • Start Baking (of course, first I will have to learn how)
  • Take a few culinary arts classes
  • Plant a garden
  • Cook more ethnic food (Asian and South American)
  • Re-work my diet to consist of things grown only within 100 miles of my home (The 100 Mile Diet)
  • Make wine
  • Buy more cookbooks
  • Buy a toaster oven
  • Buy a deep freezer

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