Garlic Herb Veggie Wrap

Okay, there are two facts about a vegetarian diet that can’t be ignored: it’s hard as hell to find food in a fast food world, and grocery shopping becomes even less fun. I spent over $100 dollars today at the grocers, a tab like that doesn’t usually come about without buying meat. Well, to be honest I knew I had the money to spend and I did get a lot more food than I normally would, but does eating healthy have to be so expensive? Normally I spend about fifty to sixty dollars at the grocers ever two weeks or so. I’m only cooking for one, and I don’t eat a whole lot, I’m a two meal a day kinda guy, and I never snack. So I was shocked when the cashier blurted out “that’ll be $108.54” Regardless of the expense I feel great as a result of cutting meat out of my diet, and thanks to my hyper-speed metabolism, after only one week I’ve already lost about five pounds.

So to celebrate my raucous expenditure, I though a nice fresh veggie wrap would be appropriate for dinner tonight. There’s plenty of protein here too, hummus and bean sprouts both have four grams per serving, and I used two servings of each. It was refreshing and delicious paired with my favorite potato chips and a dill pickle spear. It felt like eating a fresh deli meal right here at my own dining room table!
Assemble the Following:
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Lettuce
  • Carrot Shreds
  • Black Olives (sliced)
  • White Mushroom (sliced and diced)
  • Finely chopped Cilantro
  • Hummus
  • Shredded Swiss Cheese
  • Garlic and Herb Tortilla (Mine was Mission brand, and they weren’t lying about “extra flavor just picking it up from the shelf and putting it into my cart made my hand smell like garlic and herb even through the plastic packaging)

Do this with it:

  • nuke the tortilla for about fifteen seconds to soften it up
  • spread hummus over half the wrap
  • sprinkle the swiss shreds over the whole thing and nuke for about fifteen more seconds
  • pile on the veggies
  • roll up into a wrap and slice on the bias
  • Serve with UTZ No Salt Added potato chips and a kosher dill spear

Notes and etcetera:

  • Use whatever wrap you like the most, just be sure they’re large enough to accommodate the amount of veggies you’re wrapping up.
  • Next time I will saute the carrots, mushrooms, cilantro, and bean sprouts in a couple tea spoons of olive oil, maybe with some basalmic vinegar because that would taste fantastic. Tonight however I was in the mood for raw.
  • Use whatever veggies you like or have on hand. The point is to pack as much protein into a meat-less meal as you possibly can, so be sure you’re using something with a lot of protein, whatever that is.
  • I love the UTZ brand No Salt Added potato chips because it’s pure unadulterated potato chip bliss. I abhor sodium and it’s affects on the body. Everyone should try these chips!

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