Missing Tahini Hummus Rolls

I’ve decided to join my friend Jennifer in cutting meat out of my diet. Don’t get me wrong I love meat, I just wanted to give this a try and see how it felt. While she may be trying to become a vegetarian, I am not. I’m not about to give up Ham and Turkey for Thanksgiving, which looms right around the corner. I just figured it would be interesting to see how a meat-free diet affected the way I felt and also what interesting recipes I could come up with without using meat. This is day one. These hummus rolls are super tasty and have plenty of flavor and protein. Of course this can be made with store bought hummus, but I like to make everything from scratch. It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I no longer have a camera so you’ll just have to use your imagination

Assemble the following:
1 Can (16 oz.) Garbanzo Beans (chick peas)
1 very finely minced clove garlic
1/4 Cup coarse chopped pine nuts.
Boston Leaf Lettuce Leaves, whole rinsed
Black Olives, coarsely chopped
Carrot Shreds, coarsely chopped
Olive Oil
Coarse ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt, very little
1/4 cup water (maybe)

Do this with it:
Drain and rinse garbanzo beans.
Toss beans with pepper and salt to taste, set aside.
Saute garlic in a small pan with olive oil, very briefly. Do not allow to caramelize.
Combine cooled garlic and olive oil with garbanzo beans in a blender or food processor.
Blend at high speed, streaming in olive oil as needed to achieve smooth texture characteristic of hummus.
Remove to storage container and season with more black pepper to taste.

Spread two or three tablespoons hummus across lettuce.
Add olives and carrot shreds.
Roll in a spiral fashion, securing the roll with a toothpick.
Chill for a minimum of one hour and serve.

Traditional hummus calls for Tahini, alas I have none. It tastes just fine without it though, you can add all sorts of seasonings to your taste, although I wouldn’t go overboard on the number. I’ve done this before with fresh rosemary and it’s oh so good, you just have to be sure to very finely chop the rosemary. Another alternative to tahini would be sesame oil, but I was going for Mediterranean flavor here.


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